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Ragestache Challenge #1 complete! Who won?

Ragestache Challenge #1 complete! Who won?

Hey everyone! Thank you so much to those who participated in the first Ragestache challenge. Be sure to check out the Ragestache blog on Friday for challenge #2 and the theme for the second one. If you didn't see it, last Friday I challenged you guys to make the best Rage comic about your MOST embarrassing school moment.

After looking over all the submissions and checking out the voting, here's the 5 best comics that were submitted. Disclaimer: while I considered things like votes and likes when deciding, I picked the ones that I thought were funniest, so feel free to tell me how big of an idiot I am for picking the ones I picked.

Click here to take the second challenge!

What are you waiting for? Click Read more to see the winners!

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